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World TKD

From our highly qualified instructors to our state-of-the-art facility, World Taekwondo Center provides a safe and encouraging environment to begin your Taekwondo journey. Our carefully structured programs go far beyond teaching punching and kicking. We will help you acquire effective self-defense skills, life skills and provide you with a comprehensive, personal development program. It is our goal to build character in all our students

Our Athletes

World TKD is our name and producing World Athletes is our fame. Our world class athletes are some of the most established martial artists. Our roster is composed of US National Champions and Olympians who not only see Taekwondo as a profession, but also as a passion and a way of life. They are the perfect embodiment of the core principles of the ancient Korean martial art: The unity of the mind, body and soul, and the mastery of peace. 

Kids Classes

The Taekwondo Star program is geared toward children between the ages of 4 and 7; this class has a focus on building coordination, following direction, and building confidence in our stars! It is 45 minutes of fun, agility and basic martial arts instruction provided by caring, confident and knowledgeable instructors..

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World Taekwondo Center
810 East 8th Street
Oakland, CA 94606
Telephone: +1 (510) 817-4801

What is Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a traditional  Korean martial art and has some of the most methodical and precise techniques.  Enhancing and augmenting one’s spirit and life through training the body and the mind is the key discipline of  Taekwondo. It has become a global sport with a massive international following and reputation as an official game in the Olympics. It is a way of life that enables one to create value in society by  utilizing the guiding principles imbedded in Taekwondo.

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The Journey of TJ Curry

Follow the journey of TJ Curry as he pursues his dream of becoming a olympic campion!

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